Sunday, October 16, 2011

Groucho Cat


Pooker AKA Pooky

China (Pooky's Mum) was skinny and near starving when she found us. We fed her and within a day she brought all of her 5 kittens down the hill from a neighbors house that didn't want her.
We found good homes for the other 4 and kept Pooky and China.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A classic Video "Oh Long Johnson"

Launch Day Dedicated to Fuzz and Goldie, et All

One day you are just going about your daily biz and something
changes forever. Enter stage left the kittehs that spontaneously steal your heart.
This blog is dedicated to all of our brood (that have made their way
peacefully into another dimension) but whose memory and spirit shall remain eternally here with us.
Salute To:
Sable,Binky,Buddy,Gran,N.K.,China,Pooker,K.C.,Beeby,Dude, Julius,

and Goldie and Fuzzhead

Pictured  above